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Enamel objects
Year: 1969
Serial production model
Ashtray and tray

During the design stage for the Spiegel publishing company in Hamburg this ashtray with its accompanying tray was designed for use in the canteen there. There are 3 models of ashtrays of different sizes, but all with the same cylindrical form. There is a version with a hole in the middle and a closed version with an indentation in the middle.

Dimensions: ash tray: H2,6; H7,5; H10,1 all with ∅10,4; tray: H1,3 ∅26,2
Colours: blue, red, orange and turquoise

Material: enamel on metal

Manufacturer: Emaillerie Corgémont, CH

Year: 1967
Small series

Umbrella stand

This square umbrella stand has patterns of circles on the sides with a positive negative effect.

Dimensions: 75x25,5x25 Colours: bright red/red, light blue/ blue

Material: enamel
Manufacturer: Emaillerie Corgemont, CH

Year: 1969
Small series


The coasters exist in 3 different models. The two round models with ring motifs are different only in size, while the third model is square with triangle motifs.

Material: enamel on metal
Manufacturer: Emaillerie Corgémont, CH
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