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Year: 1975
Serial production model
For the toy manufacturer Naef Verner Panton designed this system of basic frames which are formed into cubes. These are then combined with clips to form different figures and can be provided with chrome-plated or coloured panels as required.

Material: ABS and chrome-plated ABS
Manufacturer: Naef, CH
VP0834-00-B-D10 PANTONAEF VP0834-00-B-D10 zoom VP0882-00-B-D10 PANTONAEF VP0882-00-B-D10 zoom VP0790-00-C-D10 PANTONAEF VP0790-00-C-D10 zoom VP0795-00-C-D10 PANTONAEF VP0795-00-C-D10 zoom VP0788-00-C-D10 PANTONAEF VP0788-00-C-D10 zoom
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