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Year: 1960
Serial production model
The lamp consists of a large numbers of ring-shaped, lacquered white discs which are suspended around the centrally located bulb. The fan-shaped discs hide the bulb and at the same time serve as reflectors, through which a soft light is spread throughout the room.

Material: solid-coloured white plastic; initially in lacquered white metal
Dimensions: H 37cm/ W 34,5cm/ D 34,5cm Hersteller: Louis Poulsen, DK; Verpan, DK
Vitra-124 Moon-Lamp Vitra-124 zoom VP-ON-99 Moon-Lamp VP-ON-99 zoom VP-03-H601-A Moon-Lamp VP-03-H601-A zoom Vitra-284-4 Moon-Lamp Vitra-284-4 zoom VP0014B-00-B-D01 Moon-Lamp VP0014B-00-B-D01 zoom
Moon-Lamp in production
Moon Lamp is one of Panton's earliest luminaires. It consists of ten ring-shaped...
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