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Year: 1969/1970
Serial production model
The Ilumesa is simultaneously a lamp and side table. It consists of two almost identical cylinder-shaped sections which are placed one on top of the other. The fitting for the light source is located in the lower section.

Material: Cellidor
Colours: white, orange and violet
Dimensions: H 36cm,∅72cm
Manufacturer: Louis Poulsen, DK; from 2002-2004 Innovation Randers; Verpan, DK
VP-ON-04 Ilumesa VP-ON-04 zoom VP-01-H508-B Ilumesa VP-01-H508-B zoom Vitra-116-1 Ilumesa Vitra-116-1 zoom Vitra-116-2 Ilumesa Vitra-116-2 zoom Vitra-116-3 Ilumesa Vitra-116-3 zoom Vitra-116-4 Ilumesa Vitra-116-4 zoom Vitra-131 Ilumesa Vitra-131 zoom Vitra-232 Ilumesa Vitra-232 zoom
Visiona 2
From the end of the Sixties to the mid-Seventies the chemical company Bayer rented a pleasure boat during every Cologne...
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