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Year: 1977
Serial production model
The Pantonpendel can be regarded as a (simplified) version of the VP Globe. The number of reflectors on the inside of the acrylic glass globe is considerably smaller; all the surfaces are lacquered white, with the exception of the inside of the smallest reflector, which is rose coloured.

Material: acrylic glass, aluminium, partly lacquered
Dimensions: ∅50cm
Dimensons: ∅50cm
Manufacturer: Louis Poulsen, DK; Verpan, DK
VP0508-00-B-D07 Pantopendel VP0508-00-B-D07 zoom
The VP Globe, which is produced in two sizes, has a spherical globe made of acrylic glass, with a system of metal reflectors...
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...Four enameled louvers hover in a clear plastic globe...
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