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UFO Lamp

Year: 1975
Small series
Variously sized, ring-shaped plastic tubes hung from metal chains form the complex spatial structure of the UFO lamps, which were designed in a number of different versions. The tubes hide the light source and at the same time serve as reflectors.

Material: coloured plastic, metal suspension fittings
Manufacturer: Panton Design, CH; Verpan, DK
VP0498-00-B-D07 UFO Lamp VP0498-00-B-D07 zoom VP0493-00-B-D07 UFO Lamp VP0493-00-B-D07 zoom VP0501-00-B-D07 UFO Lamp VP0501-00-B-D07 zoom VP0491-00-B-D07 UFO Lamp VP0491-00-B-D07 zoom VP0495-00-B-D07 UFO Lamp VP0495-00-B-D07 zoom
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