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Living sculpture


Living sculpture VP-09-H305-A
© Panton Design, Basel
Living sculpture
Year: 1972
Two prototypes made
Organically shaped, two-section living sculpture sized H approx.3,50m, W approx. 5m, D approx. 4m. Originally created for the firm of Kill's presentation at the Cologne furniture fair of 1972, the upholstered lounge furniture was later set up in Panton's living room in Binningen. Since 1991 the sculpture has been part of the design collection of the Centre Pompidou in Paris.

Material: wood and foam as a sub-frame with fabric covers in different colours
Manufacturer: Kill und Metzeler Schaum, D
Private house Binningen
The rooms open to guests in this mansion were designed by Panton in such a way that they acted as a kind of showroom for ...
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