Furniture Furniture


Year: 1971
Serial production model
The wire furniture in this series consists of parallel wire rods with open sides. It was designed and produced as part of the work for the Varna restaurant in Arhus, DK.

All the seating can be freely combined, has individual or connected fixed upholstery and can accordingly be arranged into different formations. The seating is supplemented by shelving systems, tables and accessories.

Material: chrome-plated or nickel-plated steel wire; turquoise, anthracite or orange lacquer; epoxy-chrome in the various RAL colours
Fabric: Miralastic in 48 colours or extra rough in 13 colours, Mira-X

Manufacturer: Fritz Hansen, DK; expedit A/S, DK; x-design, DK; J.L├╝ber, CH
VP1760-00-B-D18 Pantonova VP1760-00-B-D18 zoom Vitra-264-2 Pantonova Vitra-264-2 zoom VP-N04-H307-B Pantonova VP-N04-H307-B zoom Vitra-263-2 Pantonova Vitra-263-2 zoom VP1216-00-B-D13 Pantonova VP1216-00-B-D13 zoom VP1193-00-B-D13 Pantonova VP1193-00-B-D13 zoom VP1229-00-B-D13 Pantonova VP1229-00-B-D13 zoom Vitra-264-1 Pantonova Vitra-264-1 zoom VP-06-H306 Pantonova VP-06-H306 zoom VP-01-H307-A Pantonova VP-01-H307-A zoom VP-02-H307-B Pantonova VP-02-H307-B zoom VP-N05-H307-B Pantonova VP-N05-H307-B zoom Vitra-262-2 Pantonova Vitra-262-2 zoom VP1191-00-B-D13 Pantonova VP1191-00-B-D13 zoom VP1190-00-B-D13 Pantonova VP1190-00-B-D13 zoom VP-ON-85 Pantonova VP-ON-85 zoom VP-14-H306 Pantonova VP-14-H306 zoom VP-15-H306 Pantonova VP-15-H306 zoom VP-ON-94 Pantonova VP-ON-94 zoom
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