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Soft Line

Year: 1969/1970
Small series
The Softline group consists of a sofa, an armchair and a stool. The sub-frame in each case is a plastic shell into which the foam upholstery elements are integrated. In the case of the stool the upholstery can be removed. Its back once more consists of a plastic shell which can be used as a table top. The furniture was originally conceived for the Visiona 2 exhibition. Only the armchair and the stool/side table went into full production.

Material: fibre-glass reinforced polyester, foam, fabric cover
Manufacturer: Hermann Miller/Vitra, CH
VP-16-H905 Soft Line VP-16-H905 zoom VP1797-00-C-D18 Soft Line VP1797-00-C-D18 zoom
Visiona 2
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