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Year: 1959/1960
Serial production model
This series consists of footstool, chair and armchair.

The footstool is moulded from a section of acrylic glass. The same stool is used for the seat of the chair and the armchair. The backrest and the armrests, which are also moulded from acrylic glass, are screwed on with round discs of the same material.

Material: acrylic glass (colourless or coloured), metal screws, rubber discs
Manufacturer: Plus-linje, DK
VP0006-00-B-D01 Plexiglass-Series VP0006-00-B-D01 zoom Vitra-244-5 Plexiglass-Series Vitra-244-5 zoom Vitra-038 Plexiglass-Series Vitra-038 zoom Vitra-244-3 Plexiglass-Series Vitra-244-3 zoom Vitra-07 Plexiglass-Series Vitra-07 zoom Vitra-80 Plexiglass-Series Vitra-80 zoom VP-01-H205-G Plexiglass-Series VP-01-H205-G zoom VP-09-H205-D Plexiglass-Series VP-09-H205-D zoom VP-06-H205-D Plexiglass-Series VP-06-H205-D zoom VP-04-H205-D Plexiglass-Series VP-04-H205-D zoom VP-03-H205-D Plexiglass-Series VP-03-H205-D zoom VP-01-H205-D Plexiglass-Series VP-01-H205-D zoom VP-00-H205-D Plexiglass-Series VP-00-H205-D zoom Vitra-244-4 Plexiglass-Series Vitra-244-4 zoom   Video
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