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Year: 1958/1960
Serial production model
Series K (Kraemmerhusstole), Cone Chairs, consists of tables and seating

The first Cone Chair with red fabric upholstery was designed for the Komi-gen restaurant and produced as a small series.
The chair consists of a cone-shaped metal frame which rotates at its base on a cross-shaped metal foot. The back of the cone and the cushion which is fitted into its opening are upholstered in cloth.

With this chair Panton turned convention on its head by inverting the cone, creating an effect which was both futuristic and novel.

Material: structure made of thin steel sheeting (except for Model K2), foot made of steel with white, angular or round runners (in the case of Nehl the runners are black), foot can also be anchored to the floor, upholstery with foam rubber
Cover: chintz or wool material in various colours
Manufacturer: Plus-linje, DK.Gebr.Nehl, D (Licence since 1967)
VP0007-00-B-D01 Cone-Chair VP0007-00-B-D01 zoom VP-25-H203-A Cone-Chair VP-25-H203-A zoom VP5035-00-E-H101 Cone-Chair VP5035-00-E-H101 zoom VP0008-00-B-D01 Cone-Chair VP0008-00-B-D01 zoom VP-13-H203-B Cone-Chair VP-13-H203-B zoom VP-20-H203-B Cone-Chair VP-20-H203-B zoom VP-13-H204-A Cone-Chair VP-13-H204-A zoom VP-09-H204-A Cone-Chair VP-09-H204-A zoom VP-02-H204-B Cone-Chair VP-02-H204-B zoom VP-24-H203-A Cone-Chair VP-24-H203-A zoom VP-61-H203-A Cone-Chair VP-61-H203-A zoom VP-31-H203-A Cone-Chair VP-31-H203-A zoom VP-26-H203-A Cone-Chair VP-26-H203-A zoom VP-22-H203-A Cone-Chair VP-22-H203-A zoom VP-21-H203-A Cone-Chair VP-21-H203-A zoom VP-11-H203-A Cone-Chair VP-11-H203-A zoom VP-10-H203-A Cone-Chair VP-10-H203-A zoom VP-01-H203-A Cone-Chair VP-01-H203-A zoom Vitra-211 Cone-Chair Vitra-211 zoom Vitra-034-2 Cone-Chair Vitra-034-2 zoom VP0014-00-B-D01 Cone-Chair VP0014-00-B-D01 zoom VP-13-H204-C Cone-Chair VP-13-H204-C zoom VP0014B-00-B-D01 Cone-Chair VP0014B-00-B-D01 zoom VP-01-H204-C Cone-Chair VP-01-H204-C zoom VP-06-H204-C Cone-Chair VP-06-H204-C zoom VP0010-00-B-D01 Cone-Chair VP0010-00-B-D01 zoom VP-09-H204-C Cone-Chair VP-09-H204-C zoom VP-07-H204-C Cone-Chair VP-07-H204-C zoom VP-30-H203-A Cone-Chair VP-30-H203-A zoom VP0011-00-B-D01 Cone-Chair VP0011-00-B-D01 zoom VP0012-00-B-D01 Cone-Chair VP0012-00-B-D01 zoom   Video   Video
Re-Edition of the Cone-Chair
At the start of the Nineties Panton was working on a revised new edition of his Cone Chair, which was designed in the late Fifties for Plus-linje. The main changes were in the material and the shape of the feet. The main body of the chair was now...
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The Cone series consists of a chair and a table either chromium plated or black finished. The...
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