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System 123 by Fritz Hansen




Upholstery: base made of polypropylene with cover of either hebocryl in red. orange, blue or yellow, or devold ibo in dark brown, brown, beige or dark blue.


Upholstery: base made of polypropylene glued on 10 mm polyether.The removable cover has a zip reaching from the seat to the mounting stud, around which the cover is fastened by a strap.


Upholstery: base made of polypropylene and glued on back with 10 mm polyether. The loose cushion (40 mm cold foam) is fastened by a strap to the front edge of the seat base. Can be covered with any type of fabric or leather, except for natural calf leather.

The architect Verner Panton (born 1926) has his studio in Basle, from where he designs furniture, textiles, lamps, exhibitions and major furnishing projects • He is world famous for his two exhibitions on the Bayer ships of 1968 and 1970, his furnishing of the Spiegel offices in Hamburg and exhibitions at the Musee des Arts Decoratifs in Paris 1968, 1969 and 1970, as well as the extensive MIRA-X textile range (1971).

The system chair is a new and typical expression of Verner Panton's ability to systematically develop a theme towards a prescribed target. He was given the commission 3 years ago to design a furniture programme which would combine a range of functions together with the basis requirement of comfortable seating. At the same time each individual model was to be simple and natural in design, enabling it to fit into any environment as a functional component. And finally, the programme was to be inexpensive enough to attract a wide spectrum of customers.

The result was a chair programme containing 20 models. There are 4 seat heights: 47 cm (high office or dining chair), 42 cm (low office or dining chair), 38 cm (armchair) and 35 cm (recliner). Types A.B.C.D.E and F have a round metal base in chrome or brown epoxy finish. They are available as fixed or swivelling versions.

Types G.H.J.K and L (recliners) can be provided with fittings for connecting into a sofa. The footstool M is for use with Types G and H.

All versions, except for Types J, K and L can be provided with armrests, which are available in chrome, brown epoxy or leather cover.

All 20 models are available with three types of upholstery, standard, medium and de luxe (see specifications on right).

Tables for the programme are available in 3 heights, 42, 54 and 70 cm
System 1-2-3
This S-shaped seat was designed in cantilever form and consists of a flat, extended oval unit. Altogether Verner Panton created 10 models: A/B/C/E/F/G/H/J/K and L...
The list contains a selection only of catalogues and does not claim to be exhaustive.
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