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System 1-2-3


SYSTEM 1-2-3, Manufacturer: Fritz Hansen, DK
System 1-2-3 VP0174-00-B-D02
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System 1-2-3
Year: 1973/1974
Serial production model
This S-shaped seat was designed in cantilever form and consists of a flat, extended oval unit. Altogether Verner Panton created 10 models: A/B/C/E/F/G/H/J/K and L.

The series has 2 different backrest heights and 4 different seat heights. Some models had 6 different types of foot, plate, cross, short legs, runners, casters or direct anchoring to the floor.

Material: steel tube frame with upper section, aluminium base anodised or matt
Cover: Miralastic or leather
Manufacturer: Fritz Hansen, DK; Verpan, DK since 2010
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System 123 in original catalogue
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